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Weights and Measures Device Inspection

Our inspectors test all types of commercial devices including small balances used to weigh precious metals such as gold, jewels or silver, scales used in grocery stores, and larger hopper, livestock and vehicle and railroad scales used to weigh coal, concrete, timber sand and gravel.  Inspectors also test retail gas dispensers at service stations, large volume wholesale meters at fuel or industrial distribution plants as well as gas, diesel or propane delivery truck meters.

If a commodity is sold in West Virginia using a weighing or measuring device(1), the Weights & Measures section provides testing and oversight to ensure that accurate and fair measures are obtained, and that the device is suitable for its intended purpose.

A major aspect of the Device Testing program is the National Type Evaluation Program.  As a state who adopts the NTEP regulation, West Virginia requires that all new or newly installed weighing or measuring devices must an NTEP Certificate of Conformance.  This Certificate indicates that devices are tested to ensure compliance to national standards prior to marketing.  Before any new device is tested for accuracy in the field, our inspectors first determine that they meet the NTEP Certificate of Conformance requirements.

The specifications and tolerances that apply to field device inspection and testing are adopted in the WV State Code from the National Conference on Weights & Measures; Handbook 44, “Specifications and Tolerances for Weighing or Measuring Devices”.

West Virginia is a member of the National Conference on Weights & Measures, which is the standard setting body for Weights & Measures issues in the United States.  This important organization is made up of all fifty states as well as numerous commodity and device manufacturers.

(1) Consumer natural gas, water or electric utility meters are regulated by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia.  PSC.com


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