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Wage & Hour Contacts

For General Information and Questions:

WageandHour@wv.gov - Wage & Hour: (304) 558-7890 Ext. 10474 or (304) 356-3929

WageandHour@wv.gov - Wage Bonding: (304) 558-7890 Ext. 10475 or (304) 356-3930

Director of Wage & Hour
Labor Programs Specialist
Barbara Gandy- Barbara.L.Gandy@wv.gov
Wage Bonding
Jennifer Foreman- Jennifer.D.Foreman@wv.gov
Heather Payne- Heather.D.Payne@wv.gov
Undocumented Workers
Wage & Hour
Christine Gardner-Christine.W.Gardner@wv.gov- (304) 380-9318
In House Compliance Officer
Lorraine Jackson - Lorraine.K.Jackson@wv.gov
Field Officers

Sandra Cunningham-Sandra.L.Cunningham@wv.gov



Sheila Montoney-Sheila.L.Montoney@wv.gov
Brian Forron-Brian.D.Forron@wv.gov
Dana White- Dana.L.White@wv.gov
Eugene Maynard-Eugene.Maynard@wv.gov
Mary Beth McGowan-Mary.B.McGowan@wv.gov
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