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Informational List For Basic Universal Design Features (pdf)
The following is an informational list of basic universal design features. All licensed contractors of any proposed residential housing in the state are required to provide this list to the buyer.

Contract Agreement
(pdf) or (xls)

Agreement used to establish a written contract for services between a contractor and a consumer.

Contractor License Affidavit(pdf)

Contractor License Affidavit (excel format)

Application used to apply for a contractor license.

Packet Instructions

Your Application for a contractor license will not be processed until all the following procedures have been completed on this form.

Packet Notice Corporations
Packet Notice with Employees
Notice to contractor licensing applicants with employees.
Packet Notice with no Employees
Notice to contractor licensing applicants with no employees.
Listing of both tested and untested classifications.
Important Phone Numbers for West Virginia
Important numbers for licensing section.
Check Conversion Notice
Candidate Information Form
Bulletin, information and testing application for contractor license exam.
Request to Investigate Form
Request an Investigation be conducted on a complaint.
Reciprocity Applications
Business Registration
Form used to apply for business registration with the State Tax Department.
Wage Bond
Wage Bond Requirements
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
Perpetual Irrevocable Letter of Credit/Wage Bond
Bank Waiver Form
Surety Bond Form
Wage Bond Status Affidavit
Bond is required before work can begin.


























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