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Licensing@wv.gov - (304) 558-7890 Ext. 10473 or (304) 356-3928
Acting Director

Kathy Rucker - (304) 558-7890 ext. 58032

Secretary Kimberly Legg - (304) 558-7890 ext. 58022

Contractor Licensing, Crane Operator Certification, HVAC &
Plumber Certification

Callie Saunders - Callie.L.Saunders@wv.gov
Isabella Kerby-Ballinger - Isabella.M.KerbyBallinger@wv.gov Mary Jones - Mary.F.Jones@wv.gov
Kelly Saul - Kelly.L.Saul@wv.gov Mary Lanham- Mary.E.Lanham@wv.gov
LaShawna Johnson - LaShawna.G.Johnson@wv.gov  
Field Officers

Brian White -Brian.L.White@wv.gov

Sandra Cunningham -Sandra.L.Cunningham@wv.gov
Sheila Montoney -Sheila.L.Montoney@wv.gov
Andy Hollins- Andy.L.Hollins@wv.gov

Brian Forron- Brian.D.Forron@wv.gov

Bryant Riffle- William.B.Riffle@wv.gov
Cindy Eddy- Cynthia.J.Eddy@wv.gov
Dana White- Dana.L.White@wv.gov
Eugene Maynard- Eugene.Maynard@wv.gov
Howard Carper III- Howard.Carper@wv.gov
Joey Harless- Joey.L.Harless@wv.gov
John Burke - John.D.Burke@wv.gov
John Pulice- John.A.Pulice@wv.gov
Judi Feazell- Judi.A.Feazell@wv.gov
Keith Casto- Richard.K.Casto@wv.gov
Larry Rucker- Larry.W.Rucker@wv.gov
Marla Neogra- Marla.J.Neogra@wv.gov
Pam Greenfield- Pamela.K.Greenfield@wv.gov
Wade Alexander- Wade.W.Alexander@wv.gov
William Oblak- William.E.Oblak@wv.gov






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